T Shirt & Mouse Pad Painting

Press-able, wear-able ART. Marvelous Mouse Pads.

Create beautiful designs on soft hi-quality T Shirts, Aprons, Mouse Pads and Tote Bags. Do freestyle painting or choose from our large collection of line art images. You may also google and bring in your own simple line art images ( Max size 8.5 x 11 ) to trace and paint.

We will show you how to paint the images using over 15 colours of special dyes. Add some text if you would like and then when you are done we will transfer your image to the article of your choice using a press. You can wear your T Shirt home ! The resulting image is sharp, vibrant and will not fade even after repeated washings.

This activity is suitable for kids 5 and up. The dye stains, so be sure to wear appropriate clothes. Mouse Pads cost $12 , T shirts are $15

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