Glass Fusion

Glass fusion is the latest trend! It’s so HOT it’s COOL!

This is How it Works.

Glass Fusion is done by stacking up pieces of colored glass on a glass base, much like a mosaic, and then fusing that glass in a kiln to melt all the glass together. The glass can then be placed back in the kiln to reheat it and form it into plates, bowls, vases and candle votives.

Decide what you want to make. You can make pendants, bracelets, coasters, sun catchers for the window, night lights, platters, bowls, vases, votives, plates, fridge magnets, picture frames, and more.

Choose your base and choose your colors. We have clear square and round bases in a variety of sizes. Decorate your base with transparent glass, opaque glass, spaghetti like glass, angle hair like glass, pre-cut glass chips, glass pebbles and frit or crushed glass in a dozen colors. Some of the glass is pre-cut but we will show you how to cut glass and nip corners to make shapes you need. Stack the glass up in layers and mix transparent and opaque glass to create unique designs.

Using precut glass, glass fusion can be done by children as young as 6 years old.

More experienced artists can cut your own glass into shapes much like you would cut glass if making a stained glass window.

Leave the glass with us for firing. Flat items can be picked up in a week. Formed items that need to go in the kiln twice can take two weeks to process. Glass fusion costs $10- $100 depending on size, complexity of project and types of glass used.

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