Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Painting is easy and fun for all ages.

No art experience required! This is how it works!

You Pick it: Choose the ceramic item you wish to paint. We have all sorts of items including plates, mugs, figurines, piggy banks, vases, travel mugs, soap dispensers, picture frames, decorative boxes, cars, platters, Disney characters and Christmas ornaments. New items and seasonal item arrive monthly!

You Paint it – We have over 60 colors of paint. We supply the appropriate brushes for your piece as well as sponges for special effects, stencils to make sketches and tubes to add text and do-dads! Our helpful staff will set you up get you and going.

We Fire It: When you are finished we will glaze then bake your item in our kiln for 18 hours at over 2000 degrees F.

You Pick It Up: Come back to our store in a week to pick up your oeuvre d’art. The final piece will look vibrant and shiny. Your unique ceramic piece is a great keepsake, personalized gift or useful item for your home or office.

All items are microwave, dishwasher and food safe.

Most Ceramic items cost $12-$25 per item depending on size.

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