Depending on the item size, Prices on ceramics and glass range from $ 5 – $ 50 but most items, and even mouse pads and T shirts are in the $12- $18 range.

Artists also pay a flat rate studio fee to pay for the firing / printing of their project and for the use of materials in the store. The studio fee is charged once / artist / day. You may stay in the store until we close . If you paint a second item or do 2 activities, say glass and ceramics, you do not repay the studio fee.

Note that other ceramic studios charge tricky studio fees by the hour which ends up costing much more and does not make for a relaxing experience!

Artista has lower studio fees than other stores, does not charge by the hour and offers discounts on studio fees during off peak hours. That is why Artista provides better value than other ceramic studios.

The studio fees are as follows:



Less than 10 years old

10-17 years old



18 years old and over $11


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